LED as the light source

By | 2013-02-08

The following are the about LED advertising plastic characters characteristics in the advertising industry since the emergence of our products as a luminous word inside just the tube burned breaker will not cause the block module does not shine, dark, no maintenance.Division I products easy connection. Luminous than the brightest products of other manufacturers. Each module contains eight light-emitting tube, more than four or five other manufacturers, brightness naturally much higher. 2 double-loop design, the product includes a plug 10cm long, with a power consumption of small (each 0.75W), buildings, shop signs of the various agencies, advertising. LED Light Module plastic characters than the traditional light source has the following advantages: a long life; reach 100,000 hours, which is the traditional source of 15-20 times. Saving: only 0.5W of power each, more than about 90% of the traditional energy sources. Maintenance-free. Particularly suitable for maintenance difficult places. Understand the advantages of LED Light general module light source can completely replace the traditional light source, is inexpensive, the best choice for cost-saving. In the production and design of the Advertising Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou is, it has the following features: generates heat, long life, Colorful, luminous uniform, attractive appearance. Impact resistance, and high reliability. Pure color. Long life, the average life of 80,000 to 100,000 hours, normal use for 22 years or more! The company's official website also upload cooperation customer success stories, the purpose is to allow you to find out about, select you more confidence. Socket wires, can be easily connected to 100 to 200, and random turning arranged. And in order to allow more advertising signs production of consumer door a point of stability and trusted heart: quality super bright LED light emitting diode, it has increasingly become a the credit media since consumers in Guangzhou ad production industry, and their development will allow us to see the prospects for the development of the domestic advertising industry. Production, LED advertising signs you often see whether you have understood it? LED as the light source, a new generation of plastic characters widely used in shopping malls, hotels, parks, unlike other manufacturers all series practice